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Eastertide Invitations

Questions to Ponder this Season:

What brings you joy?

How could you make more space for that in your life?

What new life might God be calling you to this spring? 

  • Daily readings for the first week of Easter can be found on page 723 of the BCP.  We are in Year B.  Following this week, return to the daily lectionary readings. 

  • Make a fire in the back yard and have fish and bread, like Jesus and Peter did.  Read John 21:1-19 together.

  • Plan something special to do or give a gift each week in celebration of this season.

  • Go on a hike and look for signs of new life.  Take pictures of what you find.

  • Plant a garden or flower pot.

  • Decorate your home with flowers, a homemade banner, or a special centerpiece at the table. 

  • Begin your days or meals with, "The Lord is Risen!" and "He is Risen Indeed!"

  • Plan an Easter Celebration with your Home Parish and invite others to join.  Participate in celebrations other Home Parishes have planned!

  • The Wonder of Easter: An Easter Journey for the Whole Family. A  flexible devotional (different discussion suggestions based on age,  34 chapters, but if that's unrealistic just do the ones highlighted in grey, about 15) that walks the family through Luke's Gospel and parts of the the Old Testament to explore Christ's suffering and the limitless power of Easter.  (**Note: this devotional would be suitable for the time of Lent & Eastertide.)

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